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The green and beautiful Ireland sometimes can be overlooked as a tourist destination.
One of the most spectacular hiking experience that one will ever come across in their lifetime.
Annapurna Circuit
From its famous cuisine to colourful markets and architectural wonders, it offers something special for any traveller.
The city, which has nicknames such as the “city of lights” or “the city of love” plays host to some of the most spectacular grandiose monuments.
A hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.
No words are available to describe the picturesque beauty of Venice.
One quite interesting aspect of Corfu is its natural giftings, the awesomeness of its seas and hills.
With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, it will steal your heart in no time.
A truly multi-ethnic metropolis, the perfect destination for travellers that love culture, architecture and its history.
Sunshine all year round, great wine, well-known gastronomy, and breathtaking nature are just a few words that can describe this gem in the Atlantic Ocean.

Welcome to the Patricia Bech Travel Notes

If you are interested in travel, then take a look at some of the most recent posts on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. Some of these are previewed below.

Travel images by Patricia Bech
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The Patricia Bech Travel Notes contains a broad variety of travel-related features. The blog includes articles about destinations in the UK and abroad. It also includes some features with travel tips and also shopping bargains!

patricia bech travel notes During the Covid-19 crisis, it has been particularly challenging to write travel articles. Some of the features on the blog consider places that you may like to visit at some point in the future.

Obviously it is very important at the moment to respect the pandemic and the various restrictions that are in place. 

Although coronavirus has disrupted our travel plans and also our ideas for the future, it is still important that we don’t lose our love of travel. The Patricia Bech Travel Notes will continue to include lots of different travel features until we can start moving again.

Even if it means looking back on enjoyable experiences or adapting our idea of a ‘holiday’ in the short term, for those of us who have the travel bug… it will never go! 

Latest Posts

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Scotland’s glorious views

If you are a creative soul like me, then Scotland is the place to visit this month. For three whole weeks, Edinburgh is brought alive by some amazing artists and you can immerse yourself in the creativity of the Edinburgh Fring Festival. People travel from all over the world to be a part of the […]


The airport lounge experience helps to beat this summer’s travel chaos

I have loved being able to fly again after so long not being able to travel as we wish. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you have probably seen and heard a lot of about the post-covid travel nightmares. At the moment it is all about the long […]

Wales article by Patricia Bech

Beaches, walking and city life – Wales has a lot to offer

One thing is for sure – Covid made the staycation fashionable and more popular than ever! I mean I have always loved visiting different parts of the UK, but it is not that long ago that we literally couldn’t really visit anywhere else. We were trapped on a beautiful island and instead of browsing flight […]

Tenerife Patricia Bech

Ideas for spring sunshine breaks

It is such a relief that things are starting to get a bit more back to normal with the travel industry. It has been tough work keeping the Patricia Bech Travel Notes going during the pandemic. There have been very limited opportunities to travel for obvious reasons. That said it was very important for us […]


The joy of winter beach walks

I often write about the benefits of getting outside in the wintertime, whatever the weather. I love the coast and regularly chose it to be the theme of my travel musings on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. Most people associate the coast with warm summer days. Sunbathing, swimming, tropical fish, ice cream vans… the list […]

Winter activities Patricia Bech Travel Notes

3 places to go skiing in France

It is peak time to go skiing in Europe and with Covid travel restrictions finally becoming a bit more workable, many people have booked to visit the slopes. France has traditionally been a very popular country to visit for skiing. A change in visiting rules have meant that the French borders are now open to […]


Fun returns with Fireworks Night!

As you will know from my most recent post, I was really looking forward to Fireworks Night. I have missed celebrations so much during the COVID pandemic. It was really great to be able to get back to marking a historical occasion such as Guy Fawkes Night and to enjoy the evening with friends. The […]


Interesting historical facts about Bonfire Night

I am so excited that we can celebrate Bonfire Night again in the UK. I have not been to a fireworks display for ages because of the Pandemic and I am really excited about this Friday coming. I will try and take some photos for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes and also post them on […]


Head for winter sun in Mauritius

I am so excited that travel destinations are starting to open up again. Finally, it feels as though things will start to get moving again in the right direction after what has been such a difficult period. I saw in the newspaper an article about Mauritius and figured that it would be a great place […]


My experience of Continental Circus Berlin by Patricia Bech

I love the circus. It reminds me of being a child and I also have incredible admiration for the performers. I recently managed to get a ticket for the Continental Circus Berlin and want to share my experience on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. The skills that circus performers show off during a performance are […]

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