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The green and beautiful Ireland sometimes can be overlooked as a tourist destination.
One of the most spectacular hiking experience that one will ever come across in their lifetime.
Annapurna Circuit
From its famous cuisine to colourful markets and architectural wonders, it offers something special for any traveller.
The city, which has nicknames such as the “city of lights” or “the city of love” plays host to some of the most spectacular grandiose monuments.
A hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.
No words are available to describe the picturesque beauty of Venice.
One quite interesting aspect of Corfu is its natural giftings, the awesomeness of its seas and hills.
With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, it will steal your heart in no time.
A truly multi-ethnic metropolis, the perfect destination for travellers that love culture, architecture and its history.
Sunshine all year round, great wine, well-known gastronomy, and breathtaking nature are just a few words that can describe this gem in the Atlantic Ocean.





Patricia Bech Autumn sunshine

Autumn sun destinations in Europe

By Patricia Bech As the summer comes to an end in the UK, many people like to try and escape for some late summer sunshine. As COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, there are a few places that you may like to consider visiting for prolonged warm weather. Even if you are not brave enough to travel […]


Places to see nature’s Autumn display

September is here and that means autumn has arrived! It has been a strange summer, especially for anyone involved with the travel industry. For me, it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye and I think that is partly due to the monotony. Normally, I would be exploring places in Europe all […]


Surfing destinations in the UK

PATRICIA BECH TRAVEL NOTES: THE STAYCATION SERIES One of the positive things to come out for COVID-19 is that we have been able to appreciate all of the opportunities that are available in the UK. Travel is of course about exploring new places and it should never be limited to one county. But the Coronavirus […]


Staycation Series: The Belfry

I am continuing with my staycation series because this summer, it seems that everyone wants to holiday at home. I think it is safer than getting on a plane, but that is my personal opinion at the moment. Of course, people can drive to Europe, but there are also some very nice places to visit […]


Places to enjoy a Staycation in the UK: Hartwell House

Lots of hotels are starting to open up again across the UK. For many people, it is less stressful getting in the car and driving to a hotel for a short mini break, than getting on a plane during these difficult times. While people are starting to fly to holiday destinations again, COVID-19 has also […]


Best Bikini Body Tips

During lockdown I have been trying to stay as fit and healthy as possible. Normally at this time of year, I can’t wait to buy a new bikini and head off to the beach. Whether that is in England or whether it involves travelling to a sun spot in Europe, I do enjoy relaxing on […]

Patricia Bech

Sunspots in Spain

Spain seems to be one of the tourist hotspots that will open its doors to visitors from the UK first following the Coronavirus situation. Here at the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, I am excited at the prospect of being able to get going again. The COVID-19 outbreak has completely prevented holiday makers from jetting off […]

Patricia Bech Sunrise Photo

Places to see a spectacular sunrise or sunset

I love sunrise so much. It is start of a new day. And with a new day comes new hope and new goals to consider. It is such a simple yet really symbolic part of nature. It is also a very beautiful occasion. Watching the sun climb into the sky can be peaceful, awakening and […]


Amazing Rooftop Pools in London

Some cities boast many, many rooftop pools. I guess it depends on the climate. In the UK, London gets its fair share of sunny weather. Although there are not loads of rooftop pools in the capital city, there are some fabulously luxurious rooftop pools! They may be closed at the moment due to COVID-19, but […]

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Top golf hotels to visit in Ireland

Golf courses are starting to open again in some parts of the UK. That said, it is not quite the same yet as it was before lockdown. However, when I heard that you can play golf and tennis again as part of a social distancing activity, it gave me an idea to write a short […]