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The green and beautiful Ireland sometimes can be overlooked as a tourist destination.
One of the most spectacular hiking experience that one will ever come across in their lifetime.
Annapurna Circuit
From its famous cuisine to colourful markets and architectural wonders, it offers something special for any traveller.
The city, which has nicknames such as the “city of lights” or “the city of love” plays host to some of the most spectacular grandiose monuments.
A hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.
No words are available to describe the picturesque beauty of Venice.
One quite interesting aspect of Corfu is its natural giftings, the awesomeness of its seas and hills.
With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, it will steal your heart in no time.
A truly multi-ethnic metropolis, the perfect destination for travellers that love culture, architecture and its history.
Sunshine all year round, great wine, well-known gastronomy, and breathtaking nature are just a few words that can describe this gem in the Atlantic Ocean.





Places to visit in Morocco

A post that I saw earlier today on my Twitter feed has inspired me to write about Morocco. I love Morocco and when we can travel safely again, this is one of the places that I would like to visit. The weather is very pleasant during spring and although it is not a really long […]


Sharing my winter walking experiences

If you saw my post about my 2021 goals then you will know that I am hoping to workout more and look after my mind and body this year. One of the ways that I am doing this is by walking more. I am also trying out yoga as well as some relaxation techniques. Although […]


Dream travel destinations

So the misery continues! We are facing yet another lockdown in the UK as a result of the increasing number of cases of Covid-19. When will this nightmare end? It is very frustrating but we must keep going with our resilient approach to try and drive down the disease while we wait for the vaccination […]

yoga patricia bech 2021 goals

Patricia Bech 2021 Goals

Although Christmas is still ahead of us, I have been thinking about some New Year resolutions to make. My main one is to keep working hard to write about travel and carry on with my Patricia Bech Travel Notes, but I also want to start to look after my mental health more. With this in […]


Christmas trees bring some festive cheer as lockdown looms

It is rather depressing to wake up to the news this morning that lockdown measures seem to be getting tougher for many over Christmas not weaker. So many people were looking forward to being able to have some sort of respire during the festive season and it is very sad that we can no longer […]


A thank you note

I am feeling very reflective today. I just want to say a big thank you to all my followers and readers of the Patricia Bech Travel Notes this year. It has been such a challenging time with the Covid-19 pandemic. It has touched so many people in a different way, but it has been particularly […]


The Patricia Bech Travel Notes Christmas Gift List

Although it has been a difficult year for anyone who loves to travel, things are perhaps starting to look up with the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine. With Christmas coming, it is time to start thinking about present ideas, with the hope that we will all be able to travel a lot more next year. […]


3 winter holiday activities

This year is very different from any other year that we have experienced. Even more so for travel! I have carried on writing my Patricia Bech Travel Notes even though we can’t explore the world as much as we usually can. I love to write and it is still worth reflecting on places to visit […]


I’m dreaming about Lapland

With England still in the middle of lockdown, travelling this Christmas looks unlikely for a lot of people. This time last year I was starting to feel very festive and I was looking forward to all the Christmas Markets. I am a Christmas nut and love the celebrations! This year, it is a very different […]


Fireworks night during lockdown!

If you are missing out on Bonfire Night celebrations this year due to the impending lockdown in England, which starts this Thursday, you can still mark the day in your own way. I have been thinking about what to do instead of the usual gathering that takes place with a large bonfire and an amazing […]