Zakynthos Island

When you hear the name Greece, things that come to our mind are the stone pillars of the Acropolis in Athens, beaches of Crete, whitewashed houses of Santorini and beautiful islands. In fact, there are more than 6000 islands in this Mediterranean archipelago, and Zakynthos is a small hidden gem amongst them.

It is blessed with a fantastic view, jagged coastline, a hilly interior and beautiful crystal-clear water. It is famous for its jaw-dropping view of Shipwreck Beach and the crazy nightlife of Laganas, a city on Zakynthos. Besides, the Mediterranean climate offers the island with abundant greenery and fauna.

It is a mix of beautiful beaches, fantastic scenery, access to an equally impressive underwater world and hidden caves makes Zakynthos one of the best tourist destinations.

Shipwreck Beach

Likely, the most beautiful beach in Greece, Shipwreck Beach lies in the Smuggler’s Cove on Zakynthos west coast. This stunning stretch of white sand, pebbles and blue crystal water make it the most photographed site in the entire country. The beach got its name from a wreck container ship, which was smuggling tobacco that washed up here in 1980. However, no roads are leading directly to the beach. It has to take a boat tour from the harbour to swim in the water and see the wrecked ship up close.

MV Panagiotis

Blue Caves

On the northern part of the island, you will experience the most spectacular Blue Caves. Inside, the bright blue colour of the sea reflects in the walls of the caves and creates a magical sapphire light scheme. The best way to explore these caves is to hire a glass boat from the little harbour at Skinari. Swimming into these caves can be a different experience.

Mario’s Cave and Turtle boat trip

The reefs around Zakynthos beaches are home to one of the oldest life forms on earth, the Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Book Mario’s cave and turtle boat trip to experience the marine life in Zakynthos, which will give you an unbelievable exciting and educational tour of the sea and the beautiful turtles.

Byzantine Museum

In a colonnade mansion on Solomos Square, the Byzantine Museum is a repository of Byzantine and post-Byzantine religious art from around the island. Moreover, the museum also has vestments, paintings, crucifixes and many more liturgical artefacts from the 15th to 17th centuries.

Zante Town

Undoubtedly, the most scenic cities in all Greece, Zante Town has its local flare. There are few pedestrian, numerous restaurant and beautiful seafront promenade. The amazing architecture of the town resembles a traditional Venetian style. Take time to stroll around the cobbled streets and along the cozy fishing harbour, a perfect way to spend your afternoon. You can also find a beautiful church of Aghios Dionysios, where Zakynthos patron saints are buried.

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