What can you do in Thessaloniki in one day?

Revered in age and young at heart, Thessaloniki as the second city of Greece rewards those who follow their noses into hidden backstreets and bakeries or divagate through secret doorways and devour into crypts. Uncover the top of this city on the weekend away, with our guide to see the top things and eat and do the best you can in one day. This metropolitan port city has maintained the perfect balance of sustaining its cultural and historical identity while pursuing industrial and economic development. It is reckoned to be Greece’s cultural capital and hosts several events like the Dimitria Festival (a cultural festivity that ends in three months) and the annual Thessaloniki International Film Festival. I’m listing 3 top things which will make you fall in love with it.

Aristotelous Square

City breaks in Thessaloniki are stark led off at this square on the waterfront, featuring some of the city’s most delightful views and buildings, not least the open surface area of the Thermaikos Gulf. You can carry your pick of bars and al fresco restaurants to revel the atmosphere or head up to the roof patio at the Electra Palace Hotel for a coffee with a sight.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Referred after the half-sister of the Great Alexandra, Thessaloniki was once linked to the mighty kingdom of Ancient Macedonia and as you might anticipate, has a charming story behind it. You can learn a lot at this vast museum, divided into seven eras from prehistoric to the initial Christian period and organized chronologically from the bottom floor to the top. There are both antiqueness to marvel at, and advanced multimedia showcase to provide context, and you’ll see great insights into a city at the top of it significance throughout the Hellenistic period and afterward as a Roman metropolis.

Loosen up by the seafront

If there is anything you would love is a view like this. Blue skies, blue waters, and bright sun. You would wish to sit there all day to enjoy the sight. Since Greece savors a temperate climate, the weather stays cool and breezy, and in spite of the strong sun, people don’t break a sweat at all. You can have a great day by spending time sitting by the ledge enjoying ice-cream, spending long stints of time in secrecy or singing songs, each taking in the hugeness of the view. The seafront is situated on the corner of Nikis Avenue, which is also base to Aristotelous Square. There are a total of 12 large buildings within the compound, and their architecture contains elements from both Western and Byzantine styles. Everything looks stately and grand. You’ll be captivated by the way the sunlight shines on these buildings painting everything with yellow hues. You’d feel like dreaming.

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