Why Warsaw Should Be Your Next City Break

With Poland and its cities comes a struggle of decision, and sometimes truly a hard one. These urban areas are not just cities, they are masterpieces of architecture, royal footprints of the past, invaluable history lessons and a beauty unmatched. Think of cities like Gdansk or Krakow, and there is no surprise they usually come up first as a primary destination. As extraordinary as they are, the capital of Poland shouldn’t be waived off at all. Check out some of the key reasons why it can and should be your next city break!

UNESCO Heritage Old Town

Poland boasts an impressive number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, in fact, 17 of them! And the picturesque Old Town of Warsaw is one of them. Almost entirely destroyed during World War II and Warsaw Uprising, the city of Warsaw persevered, and even the merciless bombings didn’t break people’s spirit and will.

The rebuilding process wasn’t easy, but today it stands more lively than ever before while welcoming guests from all over the world as it features everything you would expect from a premier and classic European Old Town. From medieval architecture and castles to beautiful cathedrals, charming streets lined up with high-end restaurants, cafes, and the authentic local market place, this area alone will make you fall in love with the capital of Poland.

Warsaw Old Town

It’s Green, It’s Super Green!

When we think of large capital cities, we usually imagine buildings, buildings, and more buildings, with a few parks here and there to find a moment of peace. But what about 79 of them? Warsaw is packed with 20,000 hectares of green areas overall, breathing as fresh as a big city could.

Not only they are the perfect escape from the urban buzz, but they are seriously beautiful! Parks in Warsaw, including some of the most well-known green spaces like Ogrod Saski, Pole Mokotowskie and the largest one Royal Lazienki Park are not only rich in nature but social activity, events, music performances, outdoor recreation, monuments, and marvelous Baroque architecture as well.

Fountain in Saxon Garden
Royal BathsPark (Lazienki Park)

Endless Craft Beer

Beer lovers rejoice! Warsaw must be one of the best places in Europe for those who enjoy atmospheric pubs, a cold one in hand with an exceptional variety of artisanal and craft beer, all brewed up to bring a unique flavor.

Walk-in a bar like Kufle I Kapsle, and find dozens of tap beer choices alongside more than a hundred different tastes of bottled beer, and that is only one place out of many. Are you ready?

The Artistic Praga District

Once a separate town, today it’s a district like no other in Warsaw. Just across the Vistula River, a jewel of the capital city still has that separate and own identity, feeling, and vibes.

Trendy & boutique cafes, small peaceful bookshops, local soulful pubs, pulsing clubs, and beautiful street art. You know the deal! It is that kind of area, but it goes beyond that. Home to National Stadium and Soho Factory and unique cinema Kino Praha, it delivers an extra punch of cultural events, artistic spaces, music concerts and beyond.

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