Travel Wish List: Part 2, Monaco

The next part of my Travel Wish List brings us a little closer to home. In the first part of this new series on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes that I launched last week, I focused on the amazing Bora Bora. This is a dream destination that I want to try and visit once the Coronavirus situation has calmed down. Next up in my Travel Wish List is a destination that is nowhere near as far away from the UK. It is known as the playground of the rich and famous.

With amazing summer weather and luxury events like the Grand Prix, Monaco is one of the most famous destinations to visit in Europe. I have been to Monaco a few times before, so unlike Bora Bora, this is somewhere that I have actually discovered already myself. However, the Patricia Bech Travel Notes Wish List is not just about places that I have yet to go to, but also places that I think should be on everyone’s Travel Wish List.

Monaco is one of these places. In my view, you should tie a trip to Monaco in with a longer holiday to the South of France or Italy. When we reach the end of the Cornoavirus crisis, these two countries are both lovely destinations to consider visiting. Obviously, we need to wait until it is safe, but the whole idea of the Wish List is for us to still dream about travel during these difficult times.

For me, a day trip to Monaco is enough. This is a very expensive place to visit, so staying over in a hotel will require some extra saving. However, there are lots of nice hotels including the famous Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. This is probably the most renowned place to stay in Monaco and it is right at the heart of the action on Place du Casino.

The Casino itself is very famous and you should definitely visit during a trip. However, you need to be old enough to enter and also appropriately dressed. Other important sites to see in Monaco is the cathedral and you can take in the history by visiting this, as well as the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, which is another tourist hotspot.

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