Travel restrictions are starting to lift – maybe we can start to plan!

It seems to be that travel will be opening up again soon. In fact we are now officially starting to see the first movement with the lifting of travel restrictions with the colour code system in place.

To be honest with you, I am actually waiting for the travel world to be pretty much back to some sort of normal before I plan a trip. I mean that in the sense that it still feels very restrictive and also I am a bit nervous with the news of the Indian variant gaining momentum.

Although, having said that, I am pinning all my hopes on the vaccination rollout. Some of my family and friends have been called up and they have already had their dose. I can’t wait to have mine. With any luck, the vaccine will prevent the variants from causing too much further disruption. But who knows!

Although I can’t wait to get back to travelling, I definitely want to have more options available for places to visit without quarantine. And I also want it to be a more settled situation. Perhaps we are making our way there and it won’t be much longer. I sure hope so!

I like to visit places far away but my immediate hitlist when we can explore again will include some European favourites. I have incredible memories from visiting France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

Exploring Europe again is definitely my priority. I have started to look at hotels and flights for the autumn but that is probably the first time I will venture off these shores. Until then I am planning to enjoy some more of the UK. If the weather picks up then we have lovely beaches, hill walks and countryside to explore here!

Stay tuned my travel buddies as I can’t wait to report on some adventures soon. It has been way too long!!

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