Here you will find a collection of travel photographs taken for my Patricia Bech Travel Notes. You can also find some of my Patricia Bech images within each individual article and not just in the gallery.

Within my articles, I should say that I sometimes use images that are provided by a representative of a place that I visit. While I enjoy photography and I try to take as many pictures of my own as possible, sometimes you can source more impressive photos to accompany an article from another person. These may show off a particular aspect or a certain destination in a better way than how I could show it off.

Photography is something that interests me a lot. Although my main passion is definitely the writing and blogging side of reporting, obviously photography is an important way to show off a place and illustrate a travel article.

That said, I do respect that photography is highly skilled and it requires a certain level of natural ability and certainly a large amount of artistic flair.

My Patricia Bech images are definitely not up to the standards of a professional photographer. I hope to improve this part of my skillset over the months and years though and learn more about how to get the best out of a picture. Especially considering how easy it is to take very good photos with just a simple iPhone nowadays. I cannot believe how much technology has progressed in recent years. You can take great photos even if you are not a professional. Also, social media demands imagery and this makes it very important for blogging.

In addition to images, you can also find videos on my blog on the dedicated video page, which is supported by YouTube.

Patricia Bech Gallery
Image © Patricia Bech Images

Brighton © Patricia Bech
patricia bech
Thessaloniki © Patricia Bech
patricia bech
Sytygma Square © Patricia Bech
patricia bech
Shipwreck Beach, Zakhyntos © Patricia Bech
Portimao © Patricia Bech