Top things to see and do in Venice

The lovely city of Venice comes into life through the writing of many great poets and prominent writers of the 16th Century. William Shakespeare’s famous play “The Merchant of Venice” expresses a lot about this city’s life and culture. He was not the only one influenced to write about Venice. There were also other writers and poets of the romantic era mentioning about the magical city of Venice in their works.

No words are available to describe the picturesque beauty of Venice. This six-hundred years old city is a legend in itself holding the wealth of rich cultural heritage and history. Every year over 20 million tourists reach here to explore the city and its enchanting little streets, passageways and canals. The Floating City of Venice is a principal gateway of wonders.

Some interesting facts about the city of Venice:

  • Venice is Italy’s most photographed city for its picturesque beauty.
  • The city of Venice is also nicknamed as “The Floating City.”
  • There are over 417 bridges.
  • The city has only footpaths and canals for travelling.
  • There are over 117 canals in Venice with over 350 gondolas floating on the canal water.
  • Venice is sinking and expected to be underwater.

Grand Canal

To see and feel the gorgeous picturesque beauty of this floating city, a water taxi or gondola ride through the Grand Canal is a must. This is an “S” shaped canal which is 3.8 K.M long and around 295 feet wide. There are iconic buildings and palaces symbolizing the legacy of Venetian culture along the canal banks.

Water taxi, Venice
Grand Canal, Venice

Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace is a remarkable 14th – century iconic building with golden treasures of history imbibed inside. Currently, this is turned into a museum. Here you can see masterpiece works including the largest oil painting in the world, Paradise.

Bridge of Sighs

This bridge is a lover’s point with legendary mythology. It says, if lovers kiss each other while passing under the bridge, they will get eternal love and togetherness. Go for a gondola ride and pass under this bridge with your lady-love.

St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica is the most beautiful church in Venice recognized for its brilliant artistic beauty. Words fall short describing this magnificent architecture. This mid-century church speaks many interesting things about the city’s history and culture. Visit there and enjoy the artistic brilliance.

St.Mark’s Basilica, Venice

Rialto Bridge and San Polo

This is the only bridge across the Grand Canal build during 1588. This 150-years old iconic bridge is basically a crossing point just midway along the Grand Canal. This is the best photographic spot, and tourists spend time here taking unlimited photographs.

Rialto Bridge, Venice
Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, San Polo

There is no doubt that Venice is a great city filled with history and culture. It is a fact and a concern that this city is going to sink and vanish completely from the world’s map…

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