Tips for visiting Oktoberfest in the future

It turns out that 2020 is going to be a pretty unusual year. Amid the Coronavirus crisis, many people have cancelled their holiday plans, aeroplanes are currently grounded around the world and lots of major events have been postponed.

I read recently that Germany has taken the step to cancel one of its biggest events. The annual Oktoberfest is the latest casualty when it comes to occasions that simply cannot go ahead due to COVID-19.

However, even though we have nothing to look forward to this year in terms of travel and events, hopefully one day the world will get back to normal. Perhaps lockdown is also a good time to think about the things that you would like to do and the places that you would like to go and see, once everything is up and running.

On this note, Oktoberfest is one of those fun events that everyone should do once in a lifetime. The world’s largest beer festival usually attracts visitors from around the globe! If you would like to go one year, then here are three tips for making your visit as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

Book your flights and accommodation early

This is such a popular event that lots of places sell out very quickly. With this in mind, you need to think ahead and book early when you have made the decision to go. Obviously it is difficult to plan at the moment and it is important to wait until things get back up and running. Once events can go ahead though, you need to get in early to get the best prices.

Make the trip with friends

Although I love to travel solo, this is one occasion that I think would be really enjoyable with a group of close friends and it is such a big social occasion. It doesn’t need to be a hen or a stag party, even just a catch up trip with some close mates would be memorable.

Make your visit worthwhile

Don’t just try and go for a day, I recommend visiting for a couple of days (or as long as possible!). Many people say that a weekday trip is easier than a weekend experience but it will also depend on your own diary commitments. The weekends are even more busy than the weekdays.

Research the tents

Make sure you have an idea of which tents you would like to visit during your trip. You should plan your visit so that you go everywhere that you want to go and think ahead. You can get all the information that you need by visiting the official website.

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