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Three cities to visit in the UK

By Patricia Bech

There is mixed talk at the moment about summer holidays. Some people are saying that we won’t even be able to take a summer holiday within the UK, let alone abroad! Hopefully that will not be the case and others are a bit more optimistic that staycations will be on the cards at some point as the COVID-19 situation calms.  

I help to edit UK Travel News and you can get some great inspiration for travel in the UK from that website. There are lots of ideas and press releases about places to visit and it is not just limited to the UK. Aside from UK Travel News, I also have quite a few ideas for British travel destinations on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. Today, I thought I would recommend three cities to visit in the UK. Hopefully, by the time summer arrives, we will be able to do some travelling, even if that is only within this country.


There is so much on offer in London. Even if we still have to do social distancing, there are some wonderful outdoor attractions and parks that you can visit. There is so much history and culture in the capital city that it is well worth visiting for a staycation if you haven’t before.

Patricia Bech Travel Notes: London is a great city to visit


Further up north is the beautiful city of York. This city also has a lot of history, with Roman roots and a Viking past. It is a beautiful destination, with ancient architecture and plenty of quaint shops and restaurants (hopefully these will be open to some extent soon!). Again, the surrounding countryside has lots of nice places to simply unwind in.

Patricia Bech Travel Notes: Even on a city break you can relax in parks or the surrounding countryside


This is the second largest city in Wales and it is a popular place to visit. It is also known as Wales’ Waterfront City. It has an impressive situation, with a long sandy beach. The waterfront of Swansea Bay leads you onto the famous Gower Peninsula.

Patricia Bech Travel Notes: Swansea is a beautiful place to visit and near the Gower

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