Things to do at Longleat Safari Park

With summer ahead, I am hoping that the lockdown will finish at some point so that we can enjoy some time with our family and friends. Last year I went to visit Longleat Safari Park with my friend’s children. It was such a fun day out that I thought I would write a little post about a few of the things that you can do there.

Even if we don’t get back to normal in time to enjoy a visit to Longleat this summer, it is definitely something that you should plan to do next year (or whenever we get to the end of the Coronavirus situation!). It is especially fun with children and a great day out for keeping little ones entertained. In addition to the animals, there are a few other activities that can also be enjoyed.  

Three of my favourite things to do at Longleat include:

The Safari Drive

Obviously this is the highlight of any trip to Longleat. You can take your own car on the driving tour to see the incredible selection of animals or you can do a car in a Longleat vehicle. There are beautiful lions, mischievous monkeys and gorgeous zebras to see. It is a real treat for children who get to see their favourite animals close up.

The Hedge Maze

This is a really cool activity and one of the highlights in the main square at Longleat. It is a really fun thing to do with the family but you need to be careful not to get lost! This is one of the biggest hedge mazes in the world!

Monkey Temple

If you like monkeys, then you will love Monkey Temple. It is packed with little monkeys and you can spend hours just watching them play. They are fascinating to look at and will climb across rope bridges and preen each other.

I will probably return to this post and expand it more, because there are so many nice things to do at Longleat! So stay tuned!!

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