The Patricia Bech Travel Notes Christmas Gift List

Although it has been a difficult year for anyone who loves to travel, things are perhaps starting to look up with the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine. With Christmas coming, it is time to start thinking about present ideas, with the hope that we will all be able to travel a lot more next year.

This year, I have compiled a Patricia Bech Travel Notes Gift List to help give my followers some helpful ideas for things to buy. From stocking fillers to main presents – there is plenty to pick from. Even if you can’t use the gifts straight away, it will be something to keep the travel aspirations going strong.  

Here are some of my favourite present ideas for this year’s Patricia Bech Travel Notes Christmas Gift List… HAPPY SHOPPING 😊

Patricia Bech passport cover
Passport Cover

Passport cover

Everyone loves a personalised passport cover. It makes it easy to spot in your bag and is a nice gift with a thoughtful touch. I love this slick one from Aspinal of London.

Portable charger

There is nothing worse than your phone running out of battery. Even with longer life batteries, I think an extra battery pack is well worth it.

World map

For me, I love to look at the world on my wall. I think a map is a lovely present to give someone who likes to travel. I love this one from Not on the Highstreet.

New luggage

Who doesn’t like to update their luggage from time-to-time. Especially when airlines change their dimensions for hand luggage so often!

Travel pashmina

Travel pashminas are great for long trips. You can wear them as a scarf but I also love to snuggle up under one during a flight. I have included the below pale pink one from Debenhams in the Patricia Bech Travel Notes Christmas Gift List because I think a neutral colour works with everything.

Patricia Bech Pashmina

Photo album

Yes, it is great to have so many photos stored on a phone, but I love the idea of also having somewhere to print and keep the special memories.

Travel pillow

If you have an overnight flight, a travel pillow can make the world of difference to any moments of shut eye that you may be able to get.

Eye mask

Another gift that is helpful for those trying to have a little nap, while on-the-go is an eye mask. They are great for shutting out those annoyingly bright lights.

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