The joy of winter beach walks

I often write about the benefits of getting outside in the wintertime, whatever the weather. I love the coast and regularly chose it to be the theme of my travel musings on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. Most people associate the coast with warm summer days. Sunbathing, swimming, tropical fish, ice cream vans… the list is endless for sunshine memories!

The beach is also fabulous during the winter months. Even if you have to swap your bikini for a bobble hat, coat and scarf, a walk through the sand dunes and along the seafront can do wonders for your soul.

Perhaps it is the sea air that helps to clear your mind and invigorate thoughts. It really does work wonders for me.

One of the things I love about the UK is that pretty much wherever you live, you are not that far away from the coast line. Also, during the winter, you are not searching for sun in the UK, which means that every beach offers the same. It is about exercise, fresh air and freedom.

In fact, some of the coastline further north is the best. Scotland is known for its dramatic coastline and the scenery is very inspiring. Northern Ireland is also another treat for winter beach fans. Of course some of the sandy stretches that you see in the South or towards Norfolk are welcoming whatever the time of year. If you like to walk your dog on the beach, then long, far-reaching sandy plains may be more appealing and feel a little bit safer.

I recently went for a long walk on the beach and I could even see snow in the distance on the hillside. For me, this really added some extra magic to the scene. The sea was rough and cold-looking. Its rawness was captivating.

As long as you have the right clothes, a visit to the beach in the wintertime can be just as rewarding. Especially for the mind and I cannot recommend it enough!

Stay tuned for some more Patricia Bech beach ideas in the coming months. It is a topic that I love exploring on my blog.

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