The airport lounge experience helps to beat this summer’s travel chaos

I have loved being able to fly again after so long not being able to travel as we wish. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you have probably seen and heard a lot of about the post-covid travel nightmares. At the moment it is all about the long queues at the ferry port at Dover but that problem now seems to be spilling over to cause disruption to the Eurostar train services as well.

The airports have also been filling the newspaper pages with stories and pictures of terrible queues and cancelled flights. I was a bit worried about travelling after the pandemic and how bad the situation was going to be. I have done a few flights recently and I have say that I haven’t had a bad experience at all. I must admit that I did not travel during the school holidays and I expect the early holiday rush with everyone wanting to go away with their children has been making things worse.

I was worried about getting stuck at the airport and on one of my recent trips I decided to treat myself to a lounge experience. Nowadays the airports often have lounges where you can buy an access ticket and you don’t have to be travelling business or first class to be able to enjoy this experience before you fly. You just need to do a little bit of research before you arrive and pre-book a space in the lounge.

For me it was a great way to guarantee that I had a seat and it also meant that I could study and read in quiet. Food and drinks were included and I normally spend quite a lot in the airport on food so this may even have saved me some money!

It didn’t cost the earth, but I decided only to do it on my way out of the airport and at the start of my trip. I think this is when you are most frustrated by any possible delays, because you are beginning your journey. I kind of felt like it didn’t really matter when I was coming home because I was on the way back and my trip was finishing.

It is a great tip for travelling this summer and I think it is a great thing to do to add a lounge visit to your holiday or journey abroad. I think it will help to ease your trip and make sure you have a nice place to start your holiday.  

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