Staycation Series: The Belfry

I am continuing with my staycation series because this summer, it seems that everyone wants to holiday at home. I think it is safer than getting on a plane, but that is my personal opinion at the moment. Of course, people can drive to Europe, but there are also some very nice places to visit in the UK. During these uncertain times, it can be nice to holiday closer to home so that you know you are well-supported by the healthcare system. It helps to ease nerves if you have been isolating!

Last time I wrote for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, I highlighted a hotel called Hartwell House that is not too far from London. This time, I am looking at another resort, but it is in The Midlands.

The Belfry Hotel & Resort is less than half an hour from another busy UK city, Birmingham. It is right in the heart of the country and it is best known as a golf resort. Golf resorts have a lot of space by their very nature. So it will come as little surprise that you can esacpe from the city to enjoy lots of acres at The Belfry.

There is a particular focus on the moment on family breaks at this hotel. This is because of the great amount of space at this property, but also because we are in the middle of the school holiday period!

The Belfry - Patricia Bech Article

The Beflry is a great place for a family getaway and it is situated in the North Warwickshire countryside. This means that it is quite accessible from all parts of the country.  

The family rooms are very big and have great facilities. That said, it is not just about the room experience and the main appeal of a holiday here is the golfing activities. There is a Ryder Legends Mini Golf Course and, for those who are not a fan of the sport, you can still enjoy the outdoor with an interactive Woodland Walk.

For those wanting some retail therapy with a golf focus, there is a great Golf Shop on site too.

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