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Ski Resorts to Visit in Austria

Skiing is one of the best winter activities. Sometimes I wish I was living in a country where I could head up to the mountains every weekend just to get a bit of ski time in. There are so many brilliant ski resorts around the world and Austria has become a very popular place to visit.

It normally enjoys the benefit of lots of snow and you can fly to airports such as Zurich or Innsbruck and experience a relatively quick transfer to your resort.

Here are some ideas for places to ski in Austria:

St. Anton

This is a really lively resort and popular with groups of people looking to enjoy great skiing and also great socialising! It has a reputation for offering excellent skiing for those who are serious about their time of the slopes. In fact, it is recommended for people who are quite experienced at skiing because this resort is not the best for beginner. The bars are buzzing though for those who like to mix sport with pleasure or prefer just to enjoy the pleasure aspect of a ski trip!


Kitzbühel is known to be quite a romantic destination for a winter sports escape. The town of Kitzbühel itself has a lot of charm. This is a great place to go if you have group of people with mixed interests in skiing. There is plenty to keep you occupied if you don’t like the slopes but there is also good skiing available for those who want it. In fact, it is famous for the Hahnenkamm, which is a tough and world-renowned annual race for downhill skiers.


Mayrhofen is a good place to go if you want to enjoy some value for money. Skiing in Austria is not cheap. Although, I am not sure that skiing anywhere is cheap. It is one of those holidays that always costs a lot because of the extras that you have to pay. Whether that is ski passes, ski hire, additional baggage on the plane. You need to go in the frame of mind that it will cost more than you think and be happy to spend that extra money. Mayrhofen is particularly well-known for its terrain parks. This is a ski resort that is popular with both skiers and snowboarder alike.

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