Sharing my winter walking experiences

If you saw my post about my 2021 goals then you will know that I am hoping to workout more and look after my mind and body this year.

One of the ways that I am doing this is by walking more. I am also trying out yoga as well as some relaxation techniques.

Although the last few weeks have been tough for lots of reasons, the weather has been on our side. I mean that in the sense the cold weather brings with it beautiful scenery. Frost, snow and gorgeous winter sunshine have been around for days in a row. It has been lovely to enjoy a traditional winter in the UK.

I wanted to share with readers some of the pretty sites that I have seen. Here are a couple of videos that I made recently that include snapshots from my walking adventures!

This first video includes some slow motion video of the snow that fell as well as the frosty ground, which looked so pretty.

This second video shows the gorgeous winter sunshine, which I think creates a very golden light.

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