A summer trip to Scotland | Patricia Bech Travel Notes

This summer, I am hoping to be able to travel somewhere. Even if we are not allowed to get on a plane, there are so many nice places to visit in the UK. Today I thought I would write a little bit about Scotland for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes.

While it is not known as a sunseeker destination, Scotland is a beautiful country and it has so much to offer. What’s more, you can drive, which makes it a great place to consider visiting when we are allowed to travel.

Patricia Bech Scotland Trip
A summer trip to Scotland | Patricia Bech Travel Notes

Scotland has different rules to England in terms of COVID-19, but hopefully it won’t be long until they allow holidays to this part of the world. I love both Edinburgh and Glasgow – they are really fun cities with lots of nice places to eat and drink. Edinburgh is incredibly beautiful and hosts the famous festival in August. The castle is a must-visit and this city is also a really popular place to go for New Year’s Eve parties.

If you want to go somewhere that has amazing beaches and beautiful countryside, Scotland also ticks all of the boxes on this front. The Highlands are breathtakingly stunning and the West Coast is famous for having some incredible sea views and island destinations.

The countryside is beautiful in Scotland | Patricia Bech Travel Notes

Another reason that I think Scotland is a good place to visit in these difficult times is that it is also a very spacious place. Even when people are able to travel again, you won’t want to go anywhere too busy. Scotland will be a popular choice I am sure, but there is plenty of space for everyone.

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