Reasons to visit Rome

Italy has been hit badly by Coronavirus and it is one of the places that I am really missing being able to travel to. There are so many pretty towns and cities as well as some gorgeous countryside. I am hoping that things will get back to normal at some point so that I can visit some of my favourite destinations again.

Of course, within Italy, Rome is one of the most famous places to go for tourists. It is a beautiful city that has welcoming people and many incredible landmarks to visit.

Here are some of the reasons for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes that a trip to Rome at some point in the future should definitely be on your travel wish list.

Things to love about Rome

The ancient sites

The Colosseum is world-famous and something you should see during your visit. It is the largest amphitheatre that was built during the Roman Empire. The Spanish Steps and Vatican-City, the HQ of the Roman Catholic Church, are also important sites to visit.

Pizza and Pasta

There are lots of great little cafes in Rome and it is a really vibrant place to visit. You can dine outdoors and enjoy the buzz of the city. Plus Italian food is very tasty!


Italian fashion is admired across the globe. In addition to the famous Italian designers, Rome is also packed with affordable boutiques that have unique creations.


No trip to an Italian city would be complete with Gelato. The weather lends itself to enjoying a delicious ice cream as you wander around the streets and Gelato is known for having a few less calories than traditional ice cream, so it won’t be such a guilty pleasure!  

Sunny Days

If you travel in spring, summer or autumn  then you are guaranteed to enjoy some beautiful weather. However, be aware that it can be extremely hot in the summer and almost too hot to handle at times!

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