Reasons to visit Henley-on-Thames in England

With travel restrictions still very changeable, I have been thinking about different places to explore in England. Staycations are very popular this year and it has been good to see so many people making the most of the beaches, cities and countryside.

In usual times, England has lots of events to occupy people during the summer months. I went to Glastonbury before the COVID-19 pandemic and wrote about it for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. It was such a fun experience. Some of the bigger events are starting to get going again and this got me thinking about places to visit.

One really popular event in the summer is the Henley Royal Regatta. This takes place in a pretty town in Oxfordshire called Henley-on-Thames. It is primarily a sport focused event and you can watch some of the best rowers compete over several days. It is also really popular with spectators and has become quite a social occasion. The event normally takes place in July but this year it has been moved to August.

If you want to visit a pretty English town and also enjoy a big event, the Royal Regatta in Henley is definitely a date for your diary. It will be taking place from the 11th – 15th of August this year.

Patricia Bech, Henley on Thames Article
Patricia Bech Travel Notes: “If you want to visit a pretty English town and also enjoy a big event, the Royal Regatta in Henley is definitely a date for your diary.”

The town itself is very pretty and it has become a fashionable destination to live. It is a 13th century market town and has enchanting views of the river. As well as being famous for hosting one of the best rowing competitions in the world, Henley-on-Thames also has a brilliant selection of boutique shops, as well as many nice places to eat and drink. The pubs, cafes and restaurants are popular all year and the river doesn’t just attract world class rowers. The Thames Path means that you can enjoy long walks by the water throughout the year. It is a really lovely staycation destination.

If you want to visit the town for the regatta, you need to be prepared for a lot of traffic as it does clog up during the busy days of the event. I wouldn’t let this deter you though and I would say that it is worth seeing this town during the special occasion and enjoying some added atmosphere.

If you want to find out more about the regatta you can visit the website here: Home – Henley Royal Regatta (

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