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Quick Guide to Walk in The Footsteps of History in Berlin

The city is filled with history and past’s footprints, almost anywhere you go and look. Our quick guide will direct you to some of the most historic and iconic places in Berlin, where you will not only reveal and learn a lot but also have a chance to pay respect to the fallen.

Berlin Reichstag

From merciless bombardments, dramatic wars and infamous fires, this neo-Baroque building has truly seen a lot in its relatively short period of existence. Built in 1894, it was always the symbol of Germany’s capital and even after darkest times, today it proudly stands as Bundestag, the symbol of unified and democratic Germany.

While visiting Berlin you will not only have a chance to take a good look at the beautiful architecture from outside but also step inside its glass dome. It is here where you will find exquisite views of Berlin, look down on the debating chamber, all together with an informative audio guide!

Memorial To The Murdered Jews of Europe

Sometimes history is dark and painful, but it is history nonetheless and a part of the past that needs to be remembered and acknowledged, with respect to the lost ones.

Designed by the architect Peter Eisenman, this powerful monument consists of 2,711 concrete slabs organized in rows, inviting you to reflect on the tragic past.

Here you will also find an underground gallery, holding more than 3 million names of Jewish Holocaust victims with letters, biographies and more of some of them.

Berlin War & History Memorials

Our previous mentioned memorial is one of the most significant in Berlin, but surely not the only one. Let’s take a look at the various memorials spread throughout Berlin, that represents the history and past events that changed the course of our world forever.

  • Berlin Wall Memorial – Preserved together with authentic parts of the Berlin Wall, it is dedicated to those who passed away trying to cross it between 1961 and 1989.

  • Soviet War Memorial – Largest Soviet cemetery in Berlin together with a memorial dedicated to them.

  • Neue Wache – Originally designed back in 1810 as the memorial for the fallen soldiers in the Napoleonic Wars, today it also represents victims of war and dictatorship.

  • Brandenburg Gate – Built in the Prussian era, it is one of the best-known landmarks and memorials in the capital. Today it symbolizes unity and peace.
Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Wall Memorial

Deutsches Historisches Museum

To top it all of, and bring back home the ultimate package of knowledge, you can always make a visit to one of the most important museums in Berlin, the German Historical Museum.

Anything from the iconic paintings, propaganda posters and smaller everyday things with thousands of photographs, artifacts, and many other objects can be found here in various collections across the museum. A true 8,000 square meters heaven for a history lover.

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  1. Amazing article – it truly captures the incredible history of this city. I would love to return to Berlin sometime.

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