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Portugal’s Holiday Paradise – The Algarve Region

The Algarve Region in Portugal is the southernmost part of the country. With more than 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, it will steal your heart in no time. Whether you are seeking to conquer the ocean, venture around the golden hills or just simply relax on picture-perfect beaches and taste ridiculously good food, then the Algarve Region is definitely something to consider! Let’s take a quick dip into what this corner of heaven has in store.

The Beaches

The beaches are the main thing here in the beautiful Algarve. They stretch all across the 200km coastline and every single beach is an artwork of nature. Small bays with clear waters, golden cliffs, hidden caves, and soft white sand will make sure that you will never forget the magic of Algarve Region!

Praia da Rocha

Many of the Algarve’s beaches are high quality, safe and marked with the European blue flag symbol. A large number of beaches provide accessibility for those with mobility problems.

You will be surprised with a variety of beaches that can be found here. From cosmopolitan and surfing beaches to wild and deserted ones with untouched nature and romantic silence. Any type of tourist and traveller can find his type of paradise here.

Food And Entertainment

For those who are looking for the entertainment options in Algarve, there is good news as well. Every summer all the bars and clubs come alive, especially in areas like Vilamoura, Portimao, and Albufeira. You will also find many events happening throughout the year such as carnivals, historical re-enactments, and traditional festivals.

When it comes to food, fresh fish and seafood is obviously the king! After all, it’s a coast of Atlantic Ocean. But if you are looking for alternatives, you will also find tasty meat dishes and almond and fig cakes such as Morgado or Dom Rodrigos.

Portuguese Cod in Tomato Sauce

Sports And Other Activities

Algarve is a paradise not only for sunbathers or romantic couples looking for secret beaches. It’s a piece of heaven for those who love to be active while travelling.

The first thing to come to your mind is probably watersports and rightfully so. The immensely huge coastline is perfect for sports activities on water such as surfing, sailing, yachting or windsurfing. Lots of great facilities for these sports are spread along the coast of Algarve.

Exploring the coast on foot or with a bicycle is also one of the main ways to explore Algarve. Lots of trails, footpaths, and roads are waiting to be discovered for those who love hiking and cycling!

If you are looking for the adrenaline, then engage in hang gliding, parasailing, scuba diving and more!

As you can see, Algarve doesn’t lack anything and will leave an everlasting imprint. Algarve region is a perfect combination of hot climate, rich history and heritage, pristine nature and all the other elements mentioned above.

How to get there?

You can find cheap flights to Faro at most times of the year. EasyJet & Ryanair fly this route the most. Then, you can travel by train from Faro train station as it is the main regional hub for all services along the Algarve coastline.

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