Patricia Bech Sunrise Photo

Places to see a spectacular sunrise or sunset

I love sunrise so much. It is start of a new day. And with a new day comes new hope and new goals to consider. It is such a simple yet really symbolic part of nature. It is also a very beautiful occasion. Watching the sun climb into the sky can be peaceful, awakening and quite a spiritual experience.

With the current situation regarding Coronavirus, I have found it difficult to approach some aspects of my life and remain hopeful. I have even found it hard to write my Patricia Bech Travel Notes at times. It seems like lockdown will never end. Travelling is part of my blood and it has been so hard to be so restricted for all this time. I long to see the amazing places and famous sites that the world has to offer. Even getting a cold ice cream or a refreshing beer while exploring Europe during the summer months seems a distant memory.

Anyway, less of the depressing thoughts and more positivity is needed, I think! What better way to stay positive than think of some of the best places to see sunrise around the world? It is a something a little bit different for my travel blog but also fun and spiritual at the same time. So here are my top three suggestions of places to see the very first few seconds of light in the day. Equally, these places are also amazing for sunset and watching the last few moments of light glitter down on the earth.

The Maldives

The Maldives have some of the best beaches on this planet and there is an interrupted view of sunrise on many of the beautiful islands.  

The Grand Canyon

Well this is one of the most famous landscapes to see in the world. So it comes as little surprise that it is also a super popular place to see the sun rise.

Cape Town

Here you can mix the city vibe with an amazing vista that includes Table Mountain and a far reaching ocean view.

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