Places to go walking in the UK

Travelling is not just about jetting off to exotic destinations or exploring magical winter wonderlands. Yes, there are plenty of beautiful vistas in foreign countries around the world and also many amazing villages, towns and cities to explore. However, you can actually enjoy some incredible scenery without having to set foot on a plane. Some of the best views can be experienced on the shores of the UK.

I really enjoy my fitness and one of the most frustrating things that I am finding about the current lockdown status due to Covid-19 is that we can only exercise for an hour a day. It can get a little bit boring when you are limited to the same walks and running routes. However, I keep my motivation going by dreaming of some of the best countryside destinations to explore when we are able to travel again and I have been thinking about those to visit without having to venture outside of the British Isles.

Wales for walking

On my last run, I was thinking that it would be nice to highlight some of my favourite places to visit for walking holidays as part of my Patricia Bech Travel Notes. When the restrictions are lifted and we can travel safely again, it is well worth making a trip to some of these destinations. I find it quite relaxing walking on my own, but you can visit these places with friends or perhaps take your dog along for company.

The beaches in Devon and Norfolk

Devon and Norfolk are opposite sides of England but both of these places have some of the most beautiful beaches in England. The long stretches of sand are inspiring at all times of the year and even on a rainy day, a blustery walk along the beach is very invigorating.

Climbing the hills in the Brecon Beacons

For a good cardio walking workout, you should definitely visit Wales and climb some of the hills that make up the Brecon Beacons. Stunning views can be enjoyed from the top. I have also heard that Snowdonia is equally impressive.

The Lake District

Perhaps one of the most famous places to go walking is the Lake District. It is well worth visiting for a week during the summer months when you can admire the lovely scenery at its best. There are plenty of welcoming hotels and pubs for walkers to enjoy during a break in this part of the UK.

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