Places to enjoy a Staycation in the UK: Hartwell House

Lots of hotels are starting to open up again across the UK. For many people, it is less stressful getting in the car and driving to a hotel for a short mini break, than getting on a plane during these difficult times. While people are starting to fly to holiday destinations again, COVID-19 has also made a lot of people very nervous about getting on a plane or going to an airport. It is difficult while spikes are happening in Europe to have the confidence to go abroad. However, you can still get away from it all with a Staycation.

The good news is that there are lots of lovely hotel destinations that you can visit in the UK if you want to have a change of scene. I am going to start writing about a few of these to help give people some inspiration about where to go for a little summer holiday.

A country house hotel is a nice place to go if you want to enjoy a quiet break and feel safer than in a busy city or resort. For those based in London, Hartwell House is an easy destination to access and it will give you a break from the city.

This is one of England’s stately homes and it is just under and hour away from the capital city. It has lots of space and some excellent outdoor facilities to enjoy. The hotel re-opened on the 16th of July and it has just announced that that spa facilities will also be able to open in some capacity on the 30th of July.

This hotel is a National Trust-owned Grade 1 listed Jacobean and Georgian house. There are beautiful grounds that you can walk around and it is a nice place to visit for anyone looking to enjoy some time out.

I am going to be recommending a few places to go over the coming weeks as it seems that a lot of people are keen to stay closer to home this year. So keep following the Patricia Bech Travel Notes for more tips!

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