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Are we due a repeat of the roaring 20s?

I am getting increasingly more excited as the days go by I have a renewed burst of energy for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes! Maybe we are getting towards the end of the pandemic here in the UK. The vaccine rollout seems to be picking up pace and the data is also showing that it is starting to work. Hospital admissions and deaths are reportedly on the decrease.

I cannot wait for everyone in the country to be offered the chance of a vaccine. I know this is going to take time but it will be so liberating to be able to live properly again. This has got me thinking, will everything just go crazy when we can get out and about again! The hospitality economy is owed a big boom and maybe it will be a period like the roaring 20s!

I can’t wait to go to a festival or concert

I miss being able to travel, party and socialise. I long for the days when I can just pop into a bar and see friends, or even just go for a glass of wine on my own. It has been hard work for everyone to be locked away for such a long time but it will be worth every second if we can control the disease and get back to normal living soon.

A few of the things I am most looking forward to doing for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes include:

Getting on a plane – this is obviously top of my list as a travel blogger and I can’t wait to get more content for my Patricia Bech Travel Notes!

Meeting friends for a drink in a bar – I know we could do this last summer but I want to be able to do it again soon!

Patricia Bech - roaring 20s feature
“I can’t wait to dress up again” Patricia Bech Travel Notes

Going to a nightclub and dancing the night away – I have almost forgotten what going to a nightclub is like but I can’t wait to dress up again for a night out!

Travelling as much as possible and never taking for granted the opportunity to explore the world

Going to the theatre – I don’t care what I see but I long to enjoy a live performance

Visiting another festival – this one may be a way off but I can’t wait to go again

Travelling is missed – I want to take photos for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes

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