Festival Fashion Ideas from Patricia Bech

Ok so you may think this title is not very timely…. but there is a reason for my change of tone. Recently I have been admiring a lot of snowy content on my Patricia Bech Travels Twitter feed and reposting beautiful frosty pictures and photographs from the mountains. Normally at this time of year, I am planning to go somewhere cold.

I love to ski but I also like being in the mountains during winter. As you will know from my Patricia Bech Travel Notes and other articles that I have written, I think this is a wonderful time of year! It doesn’t have to be a ski resort and snowshoeing is also great fun.

Although it is nice to see pictures like this at this time of year, I am also feeling sad about how much COVID-19 has changed our lives at the moment. Knowing that I can’t go skiing is a difficult pill to swallow!

So, for a (virtual) change of scenery, I decided to flick through my phone from past trips and experiences and think ahead to the summer. I mean with the vaccine rollout in full swing, who knows, we may even get back to normality by the time summer some. Pleasseeeee!!

Today I thought I would change the tone a bit and write about something completely different. I remember my first visit to a festival and I was so excited but also so worried about what to wear! If you are thinking about life after COVID-19, then a festival should be one of the things that you experience. Even if you don’t think it is your kind of thing, I definitely believe that you should tick it off your list once.

Patricia Bech Festival Fashion Feature showing what to wear
Patricia Bech Travel Notes Festival Fashion

If like me you are worried about what to wear (the strangest things worry us, right?!), then I thought I would put your fears to bed. Basically ANYTHING GOES at a festival. In fact I really love the fact that you can either be low key in casual shorts, or you can go wacky and dress in full glitter if you like.

I think it is important to be mindful of the weather but if you have a sunny day and fancy embracing your wacky side, GO FOR IT! Here are some pictures that I took on my festival experience to give first-timers and idea of the dress code. You will see what I mean…. Feel free to embrace your creative streak! The outfits were wild and wonderful but also you don’t have to dress up either and will look perfectly fine in a low key outfit.

Anything goes at a festival
Patricia Bech Travel Notes Style for a Festival

Let’s hope for some festival action again soon!

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