Patricia Bech – Travel Writer

Patricia Bech is a travel writer and blogger. She started the Patricia Bech Travel Notes in early 2019. She has been developing her travel writing ever since. Patricia has a passion for exploring the world and discovering new places. She is interested in art, culture, events and landscapes. Most importantly, she loves to share her experiences through writing and photography.

Patricia has travelled the world and visited many different places across the globe. She is keen on fitness and enjoys skiing, walking and running. She also enjoys entertainment and music. Last year she visited the famous Glastonbury Festival for the first time. She has also attended other music festivals in different countries.

Patricia Bech Travel Notes visits Glastonbury
A visit to the Glastonbury Festival for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes

How it began

Patricia started from scratch by setting up her own blog. Writing was a hobby and something that she considered to be therapeutic. Initially she started to jot down her memories of places in a diary. Then she began writing more detailed notes and eventually ventured online.

After beginning her writing career as a hobby through the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, she then started to write for other publications and blogs. This has helped to build up her portfolio and gain more experience. To date, Patricia has authored several articles for the renowned online publisher, A Luxury Travel Blog. Her debut article for this publication was a feature about various places to visit in Andalucía. You can read it here.

Patricia Bech has also authored articles for A Travel Expert, LinkedIn and The Sloaney. For The Sloaney, she mainly edits travel news updates. This involves editing content, as opposed to solely authoring the articles. She enjoys working as an editor just as much as working as a journalist.

Photography and social media

She is interested in photography as well as all types of social media and places importance on both in the digital world. She has taken a photography course. Patricia will continue to learn more about this part of reporting because she feels that images really enhance written work. Good photography can make or break and article, so learning this skill has proven to be important. Imagery is also very important for various social media platforms. It is especially relevant in the world of travel.

Patricia Bech embraces all types of social media but you can find her most active on the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. She has also started using Instagram and you can follow her on this platform as well as on Facebook.

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