yoga patricia bech 2021 goals

Patricia Bech 2021 Goals

Although Christmas is still ahead of us, I have been thinking about some New Year resolutions to make. My main one is to keep working hard to write about travel and carry on with my Patricia Bech Travel Notes, but I also want to start to look after my mental health more. With this in mind, I have some specific ‘Patricia Bech 2021 Goals’ where I am the main focus!

I have been reading about ways to care for your mind and exercise seems to be top of the list. Rather than just running, I want to start to try some other fitness regimes such as yoga or Pilates. I have heard great things about how calm they can make you feel. I want to get to that place where I am at inner peace with myself. I think lockdown has made me reflect on my values and motivations… in fact, just life in general!

Part of my Patricia Bech 2021 Goals include finding inner peace

I am not an anxious person by any means, but I think lockdown has been a good time to learn how to deal with things when they don’t go to plan. I have noticed that it has been hard to focus at times and difficult to stay positive. However, I have done my best and nurtured my mind and body through this challenging period. I have a feeling that the difficult times are here to stay for a while and so my focus in 2021 will be to move forward with only positivity and to spend time caring for me. Not in a selfish way, but just in a way that cares for my soul.  

I would love to encompass more writing about fitness and general lifestyle issues in the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, as well as mental health. So, as my readers, you will have to allow me to venture into different topics at times. My main focus will always be travel, but fitness and health are also linked closely to travel and they are topics that I find fascinating.

If anyone has any tips for how to start with yoga or Pilates then please send me a message on social media as I would love to learn more.

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