My experience of Continental Circus Berlin by Patricia Bech

I love the circus. It reminds me of being a child and I also have incredible admiration for the performers. I recently managed to get a ticket for the Continental Circus Berlin and want to share my experience on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes.

Patricia Bech Berlin Circus
I loved the oufits! Patricia Bech Travel Notes visits the circus

The skills that circus performers show off during a performance are often breath-taking! I wasn’t disappointed when I managed to catch a recent performance of the Continental Circus Berlin, which is currently touring the UK and bringing a lot of happiness to those who watch it.

It was incredible! The clowns were absolutely hilarious and the high wire performers show courage, bravery and skill. I loved the dancing, the sparkling outfits and the whole atmosphere was great. There was candyfloss, popcorn and plenty of cheering.

One of the highlights of the show for me was watching two motorcycles racing around in a tiny metal cage. They went sooooo fast and just one mistake could have been fatal! It was actually quite scary to watch, but the riders are clearly highly trained professionals with nerves of steel. They didn’t make one single mistake (thankfully!) and their part of the show received a huge cheer.

The performers on the highwire were also incredible. They came into the limelight a few times during the show and did some unbelievable aerobatics. Jumping from moving objects at great height and riding a bike along the thinnest wire you have ever seen, which was suspended high in the sky.

After so long without live performances, I came away from my time at the circus completely enchanted. I had no idea how much I have missed these types of shows and events. They are very special and bring a real sense of fun to a weekend.

People of all ages were seen in the crowds enjoying the show and the crew were brilliant at making everyone feel comfortable from a COVID secure side of things. Social distancing was upheld and all the usual sanitising measures were in place.

If you get a chance to see this show while it is in the UK, you will have the time of your life!! It was great fun to visit and share it on my blog.

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