Madrid In A Blink Of An Eye – A Quick Guide

Connecting a flight via Madrid? Or maybe just short on time or planning a quick trip to Spain’s capital? If you are looking for something quick to catch the essentials of Madrid, and actually feel like you have been there and experienced something local, historic and beautiful, look no further! In this short, but steady and confident burst we will capture the best of what the city has to offer blending up all the necessary elements like local cuisine, history, entertainment and more, for one quick but unforgettable visit. Vamos!

Royal Palace of Madrid

Home to an astonishing number of 3,418 rooms with 135,000 square meters, the grandeur, beauty, and popularity of the Royal Palace of Madrid is hardly matched.

The former home to many Kings of Spain is also the largest functioning Royal Palace in Europe. Formerly home to many kings of Spain, today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madrid and nothing short of inspirational and spectacular.

Head to capture striking baroque exteriors and elegant gardens, while stepping inside will leave you in awe as paintings of such artists like Caravaggio will surround you, as well as the interior details beyond luxury.

Gran Via

Situated in Central Madrid, it is one of the busiest and picturesque streets in Madrid for sure and the Gran Via is a part of Madrid you must experience even in the shortest of stays.

Sometimes referred to as the Spanish Broadway, it can serve a visitor in multiple ways. The bustling street is a shopping metropolis, an entertainment hub and a sightseeing adventure all in one.

If modern attractions like theaters, high-end shops, hotels, and restaurants are not your main concerns, then let it showcase you the early 20th-century revival architecture, with styles varying from Vienna Secession style, PlateresqueNeo-MudéjarArt Deco, and others.

La Latina

We are here for a couple of reasons – to indulge in tapas, have fun, explore and have some more tapas! And there’s not a better place, than one of the oldest, yet liveliest neighborhoods in Madrid, the historic and lovely La Latina.

Narrow and charming streets here are met by historic churches, plazas while being lined up with restaurants and bars full of the addicting tapas. Go to the streets like Calle Cava Baja and explore the authentic Spanish cuisine with some bars offering a free tapa alongside your drink. Enjoy !

Puerta Del Sol

Have time for one more? Great, because one of the most famous squares in all of Spain is simply a must!

This symbolic center of Spain is not only KM 0 of the radial network of Spanish roads but a place to enjoy a pace of Spanish life and local culture while discovering famous landmarks and great restaurants.

Besides the famous clock whose bells mark the traditional eating of the Twelve Grapes and the beginning of a new year, it also hosts a former post office which is now an office for The President of Madrid alongside other great sightseeing jewels like the iconic statue of The Bear and The Strawberry Tree and many more things to unveil while strolling around Puerta Del Sol!

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