Tenerife Patricia Bech

Ideas for spring sunshine breaks

It is such a relief that things are starting to get a bit more back to normal with the travel industry. It has been tough work keeping the Patricia Bech Travel Notes going during the pandemic. There have been very limited opportunities to travel for obvious reasons. That said it was very important for us all to stay safe and to protect vulnerable people.

Tenerife Patricia Bech

It is really exciting to be able to start planning holidays again. I have already booked three trips for the coming year. I am going back to Spain and also a couple of other European destinations.

At this time of year I always start dreaming of summer. Trips to early summer sunshine are great during the spring months. Here are some of my favourite destinations to visit to get some warmth on your skin and start the summer of a little bit early:

Canary Islands

They are brilliant at this time of year and often pretty hot. I like Gran Canaria and Tenerife in particular as they have nice beaches. The Melia (pictured above) looks amazing. There are other islands to look at too. Lots of budget airlines fly there, so it can be a cheap and easy sunshine getaway.


If you want to combine nice weather with a cultural break, Morocco is a lovely destination. I think that you really feel a million miles away when you visit, yet the flight itself is not too long. There are some lovely hotels and riads where you can stay in Marrakesh.


Spain gets some really nice weather for many months of the year. The further you go south, the warmer it is… obviously! Madrid is a great city break, but I also really like Seville. If you go east, somewhere like Alicante is almost guarantees some hot days at this time of year.

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