Getting a tan while we can’t travel

I love to write about travel but I am very frustrated at the moment by the fact that we cannot explore the world. Of course this is vital to stop the spread of Coronavirus, but I am really missing having the freedom to visit different places. So I thought I would write about something a bit different this week and instead of longing for the chance to pack my bags, I thought I would write about getting a tan when you can’t leave the house!

I love the sunshine and as the weather gets warmer in the UK, I am reminded of beach holidays and long summer evenings enjoying cocktails by a hotel pool! It seems like sunbathing is quite a way away, but if you are wanting to cheer yourself up by getting tan, there are some great fake tans on the market that will make it feel as though your skin has seen the warm glow of the sunshine.

Here are three of my favourite ones to try.

The Rimmel Sunshimmer Water Resistant Wash Off Instant Tan

This one is perfect if you want to have a fast impact. It gives instant results and is ideal for when you have a special event. This may not be for a while but it is worth keeping in mind for when things get back to normal!

The St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

This is a brilliant tan if you want to get a really strong colour. If you apply it for several hours, you will not be disappointed by the results. It develops into a really rich colour but also leaves your skin feeling silky and soft.

Fake Bake Flawless Tan

I like this because it is a really good tan if you are into a tropical scent. It takes a little but of time to develop but it leaves a non-sticky finish and a great colour!

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