Fun returns with Fireworks Night!

As you will know from my most recent post, I was really looking forward to Fireworks Night. I have missed celebrations so much during the COVID pandemic. It was really great to be able to get back to marking a historical occasion such as Guy Fawkes Night and to enjoy the evening with friends.

The display that I went to had totally amazing fireworks and the Bonfire was HUGE. I made a short video of the display for my YouTube channel and so that I could also post it here.

I also posted a few photos from the night on my social media channels. I love Fireworks and I think it is a really special celebration. The displays was so colourful and I think it marks the end of Autumn and the start of winter… as well as the Christmas build up.

Speaking of which, I am going to write some blog posts about Christmas soon. The countdown has officially begun on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes!!!

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