Fireworks night during lockdown!

If you are missing out on Bonfire Night celebrations this year due to the impending lockdown in England, which starts this Thursday, you can still mark the day in your own way. I have been thinking about what to do instead of the usual gathering that takes place with a large bonfire and an amazing display of fireworks.

Fireworks are very dangerous, so I wouldn’t suggest setting off your own. Plus, if everyone starts doing their own, then pets and animals may get really upset.

Instead, some fun and safe indoor fireworks could be the answer this year! It is a nice gesture and something that you can do indoors and in a COVID-19 secure environment. There are lots of reputable retailers that are selling them online. However, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and also do this kind of thing safely.

After changing the usual Halloween celebrations and now having to change things again for November 5th, I am hoping the situation with this disease will improve soon. HOPEFULLY, lockdown will ease for Christmas and we won’t have to think of too many new ways of marking the festive period!

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