Ethereal blue skies and sea-washed sands – Corfu

With a coastal line that stretches for days matched by ethereal blue skies and sea-washed sands, Corfu stands as a picture perfect city buzzing with dazzling beauty and life. From its many water parted mini-islands to its narrow drive-throughs, this second largest Ionian Island charms lovers of nature, tourists and tons of persons seeking peace from the pressure of the big cities daily.

About Corfu, well there’s a lot to share. We could talk about its rich history; the mythical downlines of deific conquests and the civil administration that followed the advent of science and diplomacy. We could go on to review the bountiful endowments the region possesses that has upheld it as a centre of commerce for local trade and subsistence agriculture. However, one quite interesting aspect of Corfu is its natural giftings, the awesomeness of its seas and hills.

Diakopto, Corfu

Corfu is located amidst the Ionian seas and is the second largest island in the area by land mass. Corfu and its surrounding islands, along with the mini islands in its region make up the north-western part of Greece. The island’s capital has been declared as a city of castles due to the strategic way castles are built in it; this unique architecture was key during the times when they had to fight off invaders from neighbouring countries.

As a first time or repeat visitor to the beautiful island of Corfu, there are some places you can be to gain a deeper and more colourful experience in your visit. Corfu serves a vast option of interesting things to do and sights to see, and here are a few cool suggestions for a memorable time.

Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion Palace is an exotic and exquisitely furnished royal edifice that was intricately designed for the wife of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria by Raffaele Caritto, an architect from Italy. The palace was tastefully created in honour of Achilles and as such features grand designs, paintings and other effects of the Greek hero. This resort is perfect for a summer getaway; it has over 50 acres covered with lush flowers and greenery. Views from the Achilleion palace would make a great holiday card for your records, so when in Corfu, be sure to check it out.


If you love castles, great marble halls, and fences, then you must see the marvels at Angelokastro. The name which means the Castle of Angels is a breathtaking edifice planted 300m above the sea on the northwest coast of Corfu. This structure is thought to have been developed in the 13th century as is one of the guarded strongholds in Corfu that was never overrun by attackers. A view from anywhere in Angelokastro is sure to deliver a strong appreciation for nature and its beauty. It is surely worth the trip from the main city.

Angelokastro, Corfu

Paleokastritsa Monastery

Not so far from Angelokastro lies the Paleokastritsa Monastery. It brings an almost equal serving of adrenaline and awe in terms of views. This magnificent structure was also built in the early 13th century; as a guest; you are welcome to walk its halls, visit the in-house ecclesiastical museum which displays beautiful dated icons as well as other valuable religious artefacts and also enjoys its amazing views. There are refreshment centres available around the structure if you wish to spend some extra time there, we however personally recommend you visit in the morning or late hours of the afternoon for the best experience.


Located on the northern part of the Corfu island, Sidari is a place to be with some of the most welcoming residents one can find, a beautiful beach, Canal d’Amour and wonderful resorts which makes it one of the best choices for spending family holidays.

Sidari, Canal d’Amour

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