Day Trip to Brighton

Brighton is a vibrant seaside resort situated between the English Channel and the South Downs, about 50 miles from London (around 80km) that comprises two cities – Brighton and Hove. However, the city is commonly known as Brighton. It has around 300,000 residents but is also home to a large student population because of its two universities, the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

In recent years, Brighton has become a favorite England’s day trip destination, attracting millions of visitors with its long beaches, busy nightlife and great shopping. In 2015-16 this city in the southeast of England received more than 7.5 million day-trippers. So, if you haven’t visited already, here are some of the best things to do during your day trip to Brighton.

1.      Brighton Palace Pier

If you’re coming to Brighton, you’ll surely want to see the city’s landmark that stretches into the English Channel for a half a kilometre. Brighton Palace Pier is a sort of amusement park over the water and a must-do if you’re coming for a day trip to Brighton with children. The Pier is full of exciting things to do, from amusements and rides to great eating places with a variety of food and sweets. Located at the end of the Old Steine Street, Brighton’s main attraction offers stunning views of the shoreline and plenty of things to see and do for all ages.

Brighton Palace Pier

2.      Brighton Seafront

The pebble/sandy 5.4 miles long Brighton beach is a perfect escape from London hustle. A fantastic very clean beach is lined with quirky cafés and shops that keep the beachfront alive during night hours. Whether you decide to do a jog along the beachfront, try some local food in bars along the promenade or to simply sit on the beach and take the surroundings in, you’ll find Brighton beach a great place to chill out.

patricia bech

3.      The Lanes

A long time ago, Brighton used to be a tiny fishing village with the Lanes neighborhood as the heart of the village’s settlement. Apart from being the oldest area in the city, the Lanes is bustling with fancy places to dine and shop. Spend the afternoon wandering the neighborhood’s labyrinth of narrow side streets framed by painted two-storey buildings. Enjoy exploring the Lanes’ charming hand-made jewellery boutiques, antique shops, bakeries, and cafes.

4.      Royal Pavilion

Also known as the Brighton Pavilion, this impressive royal residence was built as a seaside house for King George IV. The construction took three stages beginning in 1787 and was completed by John Nash, also known as one of the architects of Buckingham Palace. The marvelous Royal Pavilion is a mixture of Chinese styles inside and Indian styles inside and a truly spectacular place to visit. There is the audio guide available if you want to learn more about the pavilion’s history.

5.      The British Airways i360

Finally, don’t miss visiting the British Airways i360, an observation tower opened in 2016 on the seafront where the burnt down West Pier once used to stand. You will enjoy a 20-minute ride in a large pod 162 meters above the city and the coastline.

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