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Coronavirus is casting a shadow over the world of travel

When I started the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, I definitely wasn’t anticipating on writing an article about a virus that is spreading across the world. Although the world of travel presents lots of exciting opportunities, beautiful places and amazing people, I guess it is not always a glossy life.

The current outbreak of Coronavirus has certainly hit the industry hard. The markets are slumping as the number of outbreaks grow. There has been a worrying amount of deaths and number of people catching Coronavirus in lots of different countries. The whole situation is starting to impact the travel plans for many people and beginning to cause a certain amount of chaos.

I have been following the news closely and keeping an eye on the main areas where there are problems arising. The most recent news that seems to have caused more of a threat to the UK is the outbreak in Italy. Italy is such a beautiful country and a popular place to visit at any time of year. Many people go there for skiing but also there are so many historical sites to see and other activities to enjoy that the cities and towns are usually busy all year round.

Watching the latest news reports though show that many popular areas are empty. This is obviously having a big impact on the tourism industry and it is really sad to see how much trouble a virus like this can cause.

Patricia Bech Coronavirus article Italy
Italy has been hit badly by the outbreak

Italy is very popular with the British market and so a lot of people have been returning from regions where there has been an outbreak. There is advice to self-isolate in order when you get home in order to help the stop the spreading of the disease. I guess, this is the best type of action you can take at the moment and also perhaps it is now time to be vigilant about future travel plans and consider whether it is safe to certain places.

I have a few trips coming up this year and I am hoping and praying that the situation will have calmed down before I have to get on a plane. I guess it is difficult to predict how well it can be contained or whether we are at the beginning of a very bad period to come.

I guess all that we can do now is take the advice of health professionals and governments and be aware that Coronavirus is placing a shadow on the fabulous world of travel. Hopefully, it is just a temporary shadow and we will be free to explore the many more wonders of the world again soon, without this added worry.

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