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Coronavirus continues to spread: Tips for travelling

Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe. I previously wrote about the upset that it is causing. It is creating havoc and really upsetting the travel market. I am so sad to see that Italy is on lockdown. Of course this is for the best for the country and they are desperately trying to contain the situation there. Italy is such a beautiful destination to visit and many of the tourist sites, which are normally packed with visitors, are completely sparse.

It must be very difficult for all those who are working in the travel and tourism industry to cope. I even heard on the news yesterday that ski resorts in the country have to be shut and now the whole of Italy is on lockdown, rather than just the Northern part.

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The outbreak of Coronavirus has meant that lots of people are worrying about travel plans. As I write, there is no clear guidance from the government yet in the UK, except for the need to self isolate if you have visited somewhere like Italy and been in contact with a person who has Coronavirus.

There are quite a few holiday hotspots that have currently escaped the outbreak, so flights around the world are still going strong. In fact, at the moment, only Easyjet have stopped flights to Northern Italy and other airlines are carrying on with their schedule. Personally, I would be careful about visiting somewhere like this, but if you have plans to go somewhere else, then perhaps just keep an eye on the advice and don’t let it interfere with your arrangements just yet.

Here are a couple of hygiene tips for travelling during this period:

  • The general message is to wash your hands and much as possible and properly using warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Use a hand gel for an instant clean
  • Be careful about touching handrails and other commonly used facilities
  • Stay hydrated and healthy with your diet so your body is strong
  • Be mindful of the symptoms so you can diagnose yourself quickly
  • Self isolate if you come into contact with the Coronavirus

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