Refuge du Toubkal

Climbing Mt Toubkal – Conquer North Africa

Ever wondered what is like to stand above one of the highest mountains in Africa? If you’re looking for a new challenge or adventure that creates unforgettable memories, then climbing Toubkal just might provide that! Let’s take a simple climb to understand what is Mount Toubkal, why conquer it and what to expect.

Why Climb the Breathtaking Toubkal?

With all the mountains that our beautiful planet has to offer, one might ask, why Toubkal?

Mount Toubkal is not just another peak among hundreds of others, it has a special place in nature’s world, especially in the African region.


Situated only 63 km from the city of Marrakesh and the summit reaching the astonishing heights of over 4 kilometers, it is the highest peak in Atlas Mountains, Morocco, North Africa, and the whole Arab World.

Presenting no technical climbing and being somewhere at moderate difficulty, it is simply a treasure and a challenge for adventurers, trekkers and nature lovers of all kinds, that will provide an experience for the lifetime.

When to Ascend the Toubkal

Time of the year will play a huge role in the climbing experience and difficulty of reaching the summit.

Let’s see which time is the best for ascending North Africa’s beast.

  • Spring (April/May) & Autumn (September/October) – Hands down, the best to time to climb the mountain. This is when it becomes more of a walk than a climb and you will find a balance between hot and cold with no extra conditions like snow to make the journey more difficult and requiring more gear and experience.
  • Summer (June/July/August) & Winter (November to March) – While still possible to hike, these months will be much more demanding. Summer is where the scorching sun will sometimes be unbearable while winter is more dangerous due to ice and snow and the possibility of an avalanche.

What to Expect Along the Way

One of the first things to expect is a challenge. Yes, even if its moderate difficulty and almost anyone in decent shape can do it, you should always keep in mind that it is going to be a challenge, especially when the higher altitude kicks in.

Along the way

Rugged landscape and desert valleys will accompany you along the way to the summit with a steady and pretty smooth incline.

You will also come across small settlements and villages, with a possibility of accommodation and even great food!

Mt Toubkal trail

Enjoy scenic hills filled with tranquility, walk below striking peaks while discovering waterfalls and authentic landscapes of Morocco.

As mentioned before, expect some steeper parts and challenges like altitude sickness, which is usually the one that most of the climbers worry about.

It is only recommended to conquer the Toubkal slowly and in multiple days to acclimatize yourself!

Reaching the Summit

This is the ultimate satisfaction, victory, and pride of the epic journey.

Embrace the moment, elevate yourself up to 4,167 meters and enjoy the sweeping views of Atlas Mountains as you will have a unique opportunity to stand above them all.

Climbing the highest mountain in North Africa is something to remember, after all, the best view comes after the hardest climb!

View from Mt Toubkal

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