Christmas trees bring some festive cheer as lockdown looms

It is rather depressing to wake up to the news this morning that lockdown measures seem to be getting tougher for many over Christmas not weaker. So many people were looking forward to being able to have some sort of respire during the festive season and it is very sad that we can no longer enjoy some sort of freedom. That said we really need to remember that this is all being done to help save lives and hopefully we will be able to spend future Christmas times together and it will all become normal soon.

It seems that London and the South East are particularly hard hit whereas those who live in Hereford will be able to have some sort of celebrations and will be able to share Christmas with close ones.

I find the whole situation very depressing. As I wrote in my thank you note for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes followers, I am longing for the days of travel to return. It is important to try and stay positive and we all knew that the winter time would be the worst time for this virus and it would be harder for everyone to cope as we are spending so much more time inside.

Christmas Decorations will help cheer us up

I have been enjoying seeing Christmas trees this year more than ever. The lights and decorations are helping to cheer me up. With this in mind I thought I would make a very short Christmas decorations video for my YouTube channel. It brings a little bit of colour to these dark times. Bright lights, pretty baubles and glitter are very much needed as we head towards a quiet and lonely time at Christmas.

I plan to watch lots of movies back-to-back during Christmas week as I think that will help to remind me what life should be like and hopefully what like will be like again in the future! In the meantime, please enjoy some Christmas tree magic…

Sparkle and glitter to lift the mood, video by Patricia Bech

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