Chamonix, France – Beyond Skiing

One of the oldest ski resorts in France and the first to host Winter Olympics, the lovely Chamonix is situated below one of the most striking peaks in Europe. Skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts gather from all over the world for its top-rated skiing experience every year. But Chamonix can get anyone by surprise with its exclusive and versatile selection of activities beyond skiing and snowboarding. Let’s take a look at some of the best attractions that Chamonix and its surroundings have to offer!

Take Aiguille du Midi Cable Car

If you are looking for something easy going and still breathtaking, then taking one of the highest cable cars on the planet, the Aiguille du Midi cable car all the way to the heights of almost 4,000 meters is definitely your best bet!

Located comfortably in the center of Chamonix, the cable car ride will let you enjoy scenic views on your 20 minutes journey that takes travelers near the summit where stunning 360° panoramic views will unveil French, Swiss and Italian Alps in all of their glory.

But for the cherry on top, take the lift to the 3,842-meter high summit, where more unique attractions will be waiting.

Admire views of the highest mountain in the Alps, the legendary Mont Blanc, enjoy the gourmet meal in a unique setting with a “3842m” Restaurant or Step Into The Void by standing inside the glass cube while your heart suddenly beats a little bit faster.

Go Hiking

Skiing and snowboarding might be the main thing around Chamonix, but to truly experience the incredible nature around you, venturing into hiking adventure is simply a must!

Whether you are a veteran hiker or a beginner, Chamonix has it all, for any level out there, with its extensive 350km trail system that is maintained and marked, making the adventures even more enjoyable.

Sparkling Alpine lakes and waterfalls with high altitude panoramas and beautiful forests are just a tip of the iceberg of what is waiting on the incredible trails of Chamonix Valley.

With all these nature spectacles and treasures waiting, lace up your hiking boots and simply go – wow!

If you’re keen to explore alternatives to hiking, then consider mountain biking or trail running which are also popular among the visitors with an adventurous spark.

Visit Theme & Adventure Parks

As incredible as Chamonix is already by its natural adventures, you can always take an extra step by visiting one or more of its parks filled with nothing but laughter and thrill!

Adventure Tree Park will let you enjoy and have fun with the kids while making your way through the trees and Parc de Loisirs (amusement park) will take you and your family on an unforgettable 1300m thrilling ride!

Discover Culture & Arts

Anything from exquisite paintings and handicrafts to dozens of museums and interesting guided walks & talks, around the charming town of Chamonix you will find everything you need to immerse yourself in history and heritage.

Many concerts and live performances are also available for music lovers that range from classical to jazz to almost anything!

Get away from the beautiful nature and adventures for a second that and discover rich heritage, lively culture and colorful art within and around Chamonix!

Share Adventures with Animals

Adventures, especially in the winter time, wouldn’t be complete without exhilarating and epic dogsledding with beautiful huskies.

But that’s not all, here around the charming Chamonix our animal friends can provide some of the most unforgettable moments of your trip!

If you are up for something unique, try Skijoering where the horse will pull you and your skis through snow-white blankets or simply go horse riding and soak up the crisp mountain air and the views slowly.

And you can always try dog-hiking, where you will be accompanied by your new best friend.

Here in Chamonix, you are bound to find your kind of adventure!

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