British beach walks during Autumn

I love the British beaches but I have to say that I wasn’t completely relaxed visiting them during the summer months. With COVID-19 having just peaked in the first wave, a lot of people were looking to spend their summer on the beaches in the UK. I have of course written and tweeted about the allure of the UK sands and I definitely recommend them all year round.

That said, they were very busy in the summer months and more so than normal. Now that Autumn has arrived, a trip to the beach is not on the agenda for everyone. Some people don’t like the cold look of the sea at this time of year. I am the opposite. I actually love visiting the beach at anytime of year.

Of course, amazing sunshine and the opportunity to tan is an alluring factor. But in Coronavirus times, it is a challenge to find a safe destination to fly to. Jetting off to a paradise island is not realistic for many.

Meanwhile the beaches in the UK offer blustery walks, amazing views and also plenty of quiet time. I visited today and I was fully expecting the beach to be packed with people making the most of having some space during half term.

It was not over-crowded at all. Only the dedicated beach goers were out. Walkers with their dogs and some families playing sport… Couples out for a romantic stroll and a few joggers…

It was bustling but in a calm way and there was oodles of space to enjoy the views. The countryside near the coast is also very special.

Now it does depend where you are located in the UK and for some lockdown still remains in place, which is especially hard.

For those who can escape to the coastline, I recommend taking a look at Google and finding the best beach for walks that are located near to you. You don’t have to visit any cafes or shops if you don’t want to.

Instead a simple date with nature can re-energise your soul 🙂

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