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Britain’s pretty wildflowers are brightening up the countryside

It has been a really tough year for all of us travel bloggers! It has been a challenge to keep writing and finding things to share for my Patricia Bech Travel Notes. I miss the days of being able to explore the world without any COVID concerns.I do think this period has been very important for learning to enjoy your surroundings though and adapting to the idea of not always being able to travel and not to take it for granted.

I have been trying to keep up my fitness as much as possible during the lockdowns and I have also been walking a lot. I like walking because it is not too hard from a cardio perspective but it is still really health exercise. If you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors there are so many different things to enjoy during the seasons.

This is what inspired me today to write a post about wildflowers today on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. Summer in the UK can be a very special time. The weather recently has been so warm that I have not been missing my jaunts to Southern Europe quite as much. It is also really nice to walk through the countryside and see so many pretty wildflowers making the fields look that little bit brighter.

I have noticed that there are quite a few efforts in towns, cities and villages to encourage the growth of wildflowers rather than mow the community grass. This is mainly because the flowers themselves are very important to the ecosystem. Bees and other pollinators feast and enjoy flying through the flowers. So not only do the flowers look pretty but you can spot lots of insects enjoying them too.

I love the tall daisies and I also really like the bright red poppies. I drove past a poppy field recently and when they are allowed to grow across a large space they really do brighten up the countryside.

I hope you like my pictures for my Patricia Bech Travel Notes blog.

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