3 winter holiday activities

This year is very different from any other year that we have experienced. Even more so for travel! I have carried on writing my Patricia Bech Travel Notes even though we can’t explore the world as much as we usually can.

I love to write and it is still worth reflecting on places to visit and dream of holidays and experiences that will hopefully happen again one day in the future.

Patricia Bech Winter Holiday Destinations

The new Tier system that is being introduced in the UK does allow for people in some areas to carry out non-essential travel. If you feel brave enough, there are some holiday destinations around the world that are welcoming visitors during these uncertain times.

That said, even if you are not brave enough to travel now, it is a good time to reflect on what you would like to do once things start to get a little bit back to normal. Today on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes, I thought I would jot down a few ideas for winter holidays or activities in the UK and Europe that can be done during the colder months.


If you want to visit a ski resort or a snowy area, then you don’t have to be going just for the purposes of skiing. In fact, some of the most beautiful places can be explored by snowshoeing! Imagine walking through the mountains and getting a closeup view of the wildlife and the pretty trees. It is magical and much less of an adrenaline-filled experience. Also, you can discover some resorts that are perhaps less expensive if they focus on non-skiing activities.


Hiking holidays are actually a really good bet when the weather is cooler. You don’t need snow covered landscapes to enjoy a beautiful walk. There are plenty of mountain ranges in the UK and Europe that can be enjoyed throughout the year. It is a great time to be outside, especially on a frosty day. If you are a serious hiker, the winter temperatures are probably even considered to be favourable as you won’t get so hot and sunburned as during the summer months!

Patricia Bech skiing as a holiday activity during winter


Skiing is normally a hot favourite at this time of year. I have written about skiing before on the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. The slopes in Europe are about to open for business but it is likely that less people will visit while the virus is still in circulation. Especially because it is thought that it may have spread badly in ski resorts at the start. This holiday is definitely top of my list when we can return to travelling properly as I love everything about skiing! Europe also does après ski in serious style!!

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