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3 Simple Reasons Why Bari, Italy is a Special Destination

Perched on a beautiful and sun-kissed coast of Adriatic Sea, the city of Bari is not the most well-known travel destination in Europe you will come across. From Roman Times to the current days, the coastal town of Bari has always been an important economic center and still is the most important in the southern region of Italy, just right behind Naples. But it is way more than that, as it presents a fantastic combination of historical architecture, fine beaches, and entertainment. There’s quite a lot to love about Bari, but these three simple reasons should be just enough to evoke your curiosity about this special port town somewhere in Italy!

1.   Charming & Preserved Old Town

Located between two modern harbors, the charming old town in Bari still stands strong, well preserved and lovely, a place that manages to capture any visitors heart at no time!

Bask in local culture while exploring small and narrow cobblestone streets, discover famous sites here like Basilica of Saint Nicolas and the magnificent Swabian Castle or simply stop the time in one of the little cafes.

Today, the old town also became a major nightlife district as well. What more can you ask of a historic old town?

The Pontifical Basilica di San Nicola

2.   Beautiful Architectural Landmarks

Bari is home to so many beautiful architectural sites and buildings, all of them enchanted by history and beauty. From stone castles, giant cathedrals to stunning theatres, the city offers a remarkable landmark to capture in your memories.

Let’s take a glimpse at a couple of the best landmarks to give you a taste what Bari has to offer.

  • Swabian CastleAlso known as the Castello Svevo, it originates all the way back from 1131. Walk through guard towers, passages and on the massive walls while discovering its history with exhibition rooms, information boards and more, in this 12th-century military masterpiece.

  • St. Nicholas BasilicaFounded in 1087 it holds an important place in the history of pilgrimage. Its massive exterior combined with a beautiful Romanesque style and golden ceilings inside will leave a memorable imprint on anyone.

  • Teatro Petruzzelli – Once destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 2009, today it stands as the fourth biggest Italian theatre and the largest in Bari not only hosting a variety of entertainment but beautiful architecture as well.

3.   It’s Port Town!

Bari is situated on the beautiful coast of the blue and exotic Adriatic Sea, the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea and that is already a reason by itself why Bari is a special destination to visit.

The Adriatic Sea and the city of Bari offer everything you would expect from a port town. Golden sand beaches, crystal clear waters, picturesque views of the old port with colorful little boats and all the other attractions that come with it.

From beach bars to sand castle building to sunbathing and swinging palm trees, you name it. It is simply an instant holiday classic!


  1. I’ve never actually heard of Bari… It looks stunning. I absolutely love how the old architecture is still a part of a modernised town. There’s something really enchanting about it… If I ever make it to Italy, this is definitely making my list. How long would you recommend staying there? Is it more of a one-day trip or is it worth spending a couple days exploring?

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