3 cities to visit in Spain

By Patricia Bech

Today I was thinking back to my last visit to Spain. I love Spain a lot as I adore the food, wine, culture and people. It is one of the places that I have really missed visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic. I mean I have missed travelling to lots of places. Everyone who loves to explore the world has found and is still finding the coronavirus situation very frustrating.

I have been keeping up my writing for travel publications and also thinking about ideas for the Patricia Bech Travel Notes. As I was reflecting on Spain, I thought a short feature about three cities to visit in this gorgeous country would be fun.

Pic Spain Patricia Bech Travel Notes
Spain – Patricia Bech Travel Notes

You may have read my article about Andalucía that I wrote for A Luxury Travel Blog. I really like this part of Spain but there are also plenty of other regions and places to enjoy exploring.

Here are three cities to visit in Spain for those wanting to plan some future travel…


Wow – what can I say, Madrid has such a cool vibe! I love it for so many reasons but top of the list of the al-fresco dining. This creates a really vibrant and special atmosphere. Madrid is also great for art and history lovers. It is a beautiful city and home to some wonderful hotels.


Again, this is another Spanish city with an atmosphere. It has a fun feel to it and there is great nightlife. I love the fact it has a beach too – this is a great aspect and something that makes it stand out as a buzzing metropolis.


This is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It is loved for its rich culture and stunning architecture. Known as the home of classic flamenco dancing, there is a great history to this city.

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