3 beach towns to visit in England

With staycations looking more and more likely as the weeks go on, I thought I would do a quick blog post about some of the best places to visit near a beach in England this summer.

A lot of people are going to want to book a visit to a waterside town and there are some lovely places to explore in England.

Here are three of my favourite places to recommend:


Brighton has some brilliant weather in the summer. Brighton Palace Pier is due to reopen on April 12th and there are so many things to do. It is one of the highlights of visiting Brighton and such a fun experience for all of the family, especially children.


Another place to visit in the South of England is Weymouth. It has a nice beach area and some really cool places to eat. The seafood is particularly good in this part of the world.


If you are looking for an exciting place to visit in the northern part of the country, Blackpool is a favourite destination for many. This seaside resort is on the Irish Sea coast of England and has a an old-school amusement park.

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